"It has been said,
“there’s only one race— the human race."

That statement is true. We are indeed a race of humanity, but there is no denying that regardless of how we may try to spin it, ever since the fall of the Biblical Tower of Babel, Earth’s people have acknowledged a distinction among themselves. Too many people in today’s America, however, are trying to convince our young people that they are somehow experiencing oppression. It appears they are slowly diluting the sacrifices and valor of those who paid a heavy price for the unabashed liberty they now enjoy, and the privilege they now have to rail against the “machine” without being beaten senseless or attacked by service dogs. Yet today’s so-called “oppressed” have largely failed to take advantage of the opportunities their predecessors only thirsted for. We see many American youth today complain about being hungry—while carrying two loaves of bread under their arms. As we sail on this shallow sea of color, it is my most sincere hope that we may build a bridge to a new and more rational conversation on what has proved to be the most elusive of all our proposed conquests. We are all in this race together, hoping to reach the final frontier of genuine cooperation and understanding.